Dublin Readathon Crew

An all-day readathon will form the backbone of an exciting schedule of events at the Irish Writers Centre on 11 March. Please note: due to space constraints, events on 11 March are only open to programme participants. The #WomenXBorders readathon will run from 11.15 – 15.15.

Our readathon crew has been selected with the intention of celebrating the diversity of our writing community. Readers from all 6 counties are represented, as well as readers who are originally from Northern Ireland but now resident in the Republic of Ireland. There are writers of literary fiction, historical fiction, LGBTQ fiction, YA fiction, children’s fiction, memoir, crime, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, short stories, poetry and drama. There are published writers and yet-to-be-published writers. There are established writers and emerging writers. There are young writers, writers in their middle years and ‘grandes dames’.

Dublin Readathon Crew

Some Members of our Readathon Crew

Readers [each reading for 3 minutes]: Yvonne Boyle, Anne McMaster, Julie Comiskey, Réaltán Ní Leannáin, Ellie Rose McKee, Maura Johnston, Denise Doyle, Claire Savage, Alex Catherwood, Tara West, Anne Doughty, Hilary McCollum, Lara Sunday, Emma Heatherington, Kelly Creighton, Wilma Kenny, D.J. McCune, Catherine Tinley, R.B. Kelly, Jane Talbot, Gaynor Kane, Angeline King, Emma Mckervey, Trish Bennett, Sheena Wilkinson, Belinda Bennetts, Jo Zebedee, Sarah McMahon, Elizabeth McGeown, Lesley Allen, Orla McAlinden, Vicky McFarland, Kerry Buchanan, Annemarie Mullan, Csilla Toldy, Dianne Ascroft, Felicity Mccall, Helen Hastings, Louise Kennedy, Olive Broderick

Event Managers [each taking a 30-minute watch and keeping time with a whistle]: Margaret O’Hare (NI), Kathy Denver (NI), Gaynor Kane (NI), Denise Doyle (ROI)