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Former Professional Gambler Reveals How to Make an Extra Income Online

Former Professional Gambler Reveals How to Make an Extra Income Online

Steve gives Details on How to Make Extra Income With Sports Betting

When I first started out my gambling career I was confident that I could make it turn into a fully fledged career. Along the way I encountered many great opportunities, great wins and difficult loses. I developed my own system which worked for me. I managed to pick win after win and collect some money. Since I began to use my own system I was able to avoid a lot of the problems that I encountered with the free systems available.

  1. Most of the Costs of Any Sports Betting System Are Self-Serves

In every bet you have a risk, therefore you must minimize this risk to the least possible. Many of the free systems out there are just guides, tutorials, and patterns to follow. They offer you tips and a pattern to follow and then you are on your way. These systems are expensive, even if you do not win most of the time.

  1. Some Free Systems Can Be a Scam

Somewhere, there is a good free system out there, so how can you tell if it is a scam? Easy. Any website that has a free system try to make money from the sale because that is how they make their money. However, there are a few that are real, authentic and legitimate.

  1. You Can Make a Living with Sports Betting

How many people do actually make a full time living from betting online? I have here, from my own experiences, from watching others, and from talking to them, I know that it is quite possible for quite ordinary people to make a full time living from sports betting.

So, what are the steps to becoming a professional gambler?

First, you need to really study and memorize the fundamentals of the game you are betting on. You need to know the fitness of the players, the strength of the team, and the capability of the one playing against which you are betting. When you know all the answers you can relax a bit more, because your main job is done.

Second, you need to sign up for a service and get access to their sports picks. With the right service, you will bet against the recommendations, not on what picks to make.

Third, you need to watch a few basketball or baseball games and then to bet on the outcomes. In baseball, the best picks are very often those that win the majority of their games. In basketball, you should not be afraid to bet against the spread.

Fourth, and this is the most important, you should bet only the amount of money that you will not miss if you lose. This is called bankroll management, and is very important if you are losing.

Casino Betting

Blackjack or roulette if for example both risky games, have extremely low house advantage and even though skill plays a part it is largely luck, you can make strategies to minimize the house advantage and maximize your wins, Casino betting although risky can have huge returns if you are good!

Pokerace99 is a classic game that requires you to make a choice between two colors. There are a number of ways to bet on this game, the most common being a straight bet and a split bet.

  • Straight bet or a single bet, is when you bet on one number, this is a bet and pays 35 to 1.
  • A split bet, is when you bet on two numbers, this is a bet and pays 17 to 1.
  • Street bet, on the other hand, is when you bet on three numbers, this is a bet and pays 11 to 1.

In both of our examples a five was used as the execute. Street bets or street bets, are when the chip will be placed at the center of the square in the row, and the numbers will be at the ends.

Double street bet, on the other hand, is when the chip will be placed at the center of the double streets. This bet pays eight to one.

When betting on the roulette, it is a good idea to bet the outside numbers. This idea is the opposite of what you would think, the European roulette layout has two “0” spaces, not four as in American roulette.

This meant that a player might place bets on 28 or 36 numbers, but a French layout of the roulette wheel is 37 numbers and a zero space. This way a player might double his chances of winning if he were to play the European version of the game.

These are the two best bets that a player can make in online roulette. Betting outside numbers and double streets is the safer bet.