Women Aloud NI 2018

We’re thrilled to announce our programme of events for Women Aloud NI 2018! Building on the successes of Women Aloud NI 2017 and Women Aloud NI 2016 we’ll be running a series of literary events to celebrate International Women’s Day and to help raise the profile of women writers based in Northern Ireland or from Northern Ireland.

This year, we’ll be starting our events on Thursday 8 March [International Women’s Day] and finishing our events on Saturday 10 March in Dublin 🙂 . There are 11 core events taking place in Northern Ireland [on 8 March]. On 10 March, 50 of us will be travelling down to the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin to celebrate International Women’s Day with women writers resident in the Republic of Ireland. 

Find out more about our NI-based events here. Find out more about the Dublin events here. If you’d like to support us as an audience member at one of our events, please see individual event descriptions for booking details.

Saboteur Awards 2017

Saboteur Awards 2017 Women Aloud NIWe are delighted to share the news that Women Aloud NI 2017 was voted Best Wildcard and WomenXBorders [our collaboration with the Irish Writers Centre] was voted Best Collaborative Work in this year’s prestigious Saboteur Awards.

Huge congratulations also go to Freya McClements for winning Best Reviewer category and to Stephanie Conn, whose poetry pamphlet, Copeland’s Daughter, was shortlisted in the Best Poetry Pamphlet category.

Saboteur Awards WomenXBordersOur best wishes go to all winners and shortlisters. You can find full details of winners and runners-up for all categories over on the Saboteur Awards website. Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who voted for us: we really appreciate the support. Thanks also to the folks at Sabotage Reviews for administering the awards and for the warm hospitality at the recent award ceremony in London.

The organisers of the awards sent us a copy of voter comments: they make for heart-warming reading! There are too many comments to list all of them, so we’ve just selected a few to give you a flavour.

Women Aloud NI 17 HighlightsVoter Comments for Women Aloud NI 2017
‘It has highlighted the positive energy and creativity in Northern Ireland.’
‘It’s the most incredible initiative that has brought the profile of women writers in Northern Ireland to the forefront.’
‘A brilliant initiative bringing women writers from NI together.’
‘Supported me and hundreds of other N. Irish women writers.’

Women Aloud NI 2017‘A brilliant initiative that has galvanised the female writing community in Northern Ireland.’
‘In the past year, Women Aloud NI have really made a splash. Women from all stages in their writing have joined this Northern Irish movement which has connected women through social media, live events and, above all, created a community of women writers supporting and encouraging each other.’
‘Great collaboration, inspiring writers, showcasing work, building links across borders, challenging sexism , breaking down barriers.’
‘Brilliant organisation which has done so much to raise the profile of women writers in NI. Very inclusive.’
IWC CollageVoter Comments for WomenXBorders
‘Inspiring and important work.’
‘Dynamic. Inclusive. Daring. Wild and wonderful. We need this.’
‘A truly inspirational cross-border effort.’
‘A fantastic cross-border initiative which brought out the creative and positive voices of Irish women.’
‘It was the best feminist expression of creativity to celebrate international women’s day.’
‘The mass reading at the end of the event was incredibly powerful.’
‘It really built a sense of community, it helped people to make literary connections and friendships across national boundaries, and it did a great deal to raise the profile of women’s writing on the island of Ireland. Whatever happens with the physical border between the North and the South as a result of Brexit, these women have made sure that the literary border is porous!’
Dublin Readathon Crew‘A brilliant idea that gained huge momentum: N Ireland women writers crossing the border to join their counterparts in the South. They performed on the train, in the streets, indoors with such joy and enthusiasm. So well organised it’s bound to become an annual event.’
‘One of the best spoken word events I’ve ever been to.’
‘A joyous experience of Northern Irish women writers crossing the border into the Republic of Ireland, many for the first time.’
Dublin readathon parnell sq‘Women have too often been sidelined in Irish literature.  This event marked a departure and fresh beginning so that, in years to come, women will not be relegated from the canon of Irish history and culture.’
‘I was there. It was very impressive.’
‘Stunningly presented collaboration between the North and the South.  Excellent management made this project a huge success.’