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Turn Any Game Into a Money Making Business

Turn Any Game Into a Money Making Business

Rules of any game could be the basis of a book. Similarly any roulette system could be applied to any game. The roulette equivalents of mathematical formulas are very popular among the players since a lot of mathematics can be applied to improve the winning chances in roulette. An example of one such formula is the Martingale system.

The Martingale system is not actually a roulette system but it gives the players with better chance in beating the wheel. The basic premise of the system is according to which every time you lose, you have to double your bets the next time and then do the reverse when you win. In the short run your profit will be equal to your initial bet. But, in the long run, your losses will pile up and your winnings will be peanuts. This is how the Martingale system works.

Many people are martingale system bets and have posted their winning number in the hopes of attracting more bettors to their cause. The theory is simple, if you bet 10 dollars on red you have 50% chance to win and another 50% chance of losing. When you win, you bet 10 dollars on the same color, but this time you triple your previous bet since you won the previous bet. In the event that you lose again, you keep doubling your bets and hoping for a win. When you win, you again bet 10 dollars on the same color, but this time you triple your previous bet since you won the previous bet. Keep doing this, but always double your odds. When you win, you will finally reach a point of winning. The scheme is to start betting with 1 dollar on red and 50 dollars on the first column and 2 dollars on the second column. Starting from the first column, bet only one dollar. Double if you lose. When you win, the profit will equal to your 10 dollars. This continues the same for the second column and so on. By starting from the first column, you have a lot of chance to win. Thus, you can end up with a win after four or five spins.

So, roulette systems are not roulette systems but it gives you the idea of betting in a systematic manner. Bet on one number at a time instead of all over the board. If you keep losing, keep increasing your bets by one unit. You will eventually hit a win. Some even continue playing the same number until they win. This is called the martingale system and so is the most common betting system used. Don’t be fooled by the systems, though, the martingale is itself not a good bet if you are the type to repeat bets.

You can also use the Vegas88 system. It is a mathematical roulette system that has been proven to be profitable for players. To start playing using the Fibonacci system, you begin by choosing the base number. Your first bet will be one unit (ignore the zero). Your second bet will be three units on the base number (Ignore the zero again). Your third bet will be nine units after the base number. For the fourth bet, ten units, you will take the remainder of your four base bet and multiply it by two for a bet ten units.

The fifth bet will be equal to your maximum bet so after ten unit bet, you will have maximum bet in your stack. In the event that you lose, use the losing amount to go up in stakes one unit. If you win, go back to one unit for your next bet. If you win ten bets in a row, go up two units. If you lose, go down one unit. After ten bets, you will have won. Use the winnings to increase your bets. If you lose the next bet, go back to the first unit for your next bet. If you win the next bet, go up two units. After lose, go down one unit. This system is very profitable, you will be rarely in a losing situation. Give this a try the next time you play roulette.